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26th March 2005


"In Your Silence"

Tell me dear,
How could I make this more clear?
When I say this is forever
And how is that so wrong
Is it too much to ask to not be alone
So what did I do wrong?
I'll take it back and start over again.

Well I fall asleep with you,
And I wake up alone and unwanted
In your silence.
And I wish I could destroy you
But instead I'll just adore you
And know that you are silent.

I'll cross my fingers tight
And sleep to dream of you.
Cause when I wake
I know I'll be alone,
But it's worth it for you.

And I'd sleep through any dream for you.
And I'd wit through anything.
You're everything to me.

I'm still waiting.

Current Mood: blank

25th March 2005

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2:37pm: hmmmmmm... there are these five guys that like me but they are all scarie as fuck! i have a very boring life but i make it fun. here are things i like. ~yelling stupid things at people i dont know. ~calling people steve (Emily we have to find an emo guy named steve!!) Is there an emo boy named steve? if you know one please tell me so i can call him emo steve. ~fighting with my friends (playfuly) ~pina colatas and getting caught in the rain. ~long walks on the beach. ~getting things pierced ~writing all over my body with sharpies ~taking pictures ~knowing i cant spell ~going up to a random person and just staring at them with out saying anything. ~small talk ~playing in the rain with my friends ~talking to myself ~dancing in front of the morror when nones around ~music ~FAMILY GUY!!!!!! yeah and lots more but you dont want to know.
Current Mood: silly
2:39am: wee... i got this thing to work!!

to be continued...
Current Mood: relieved
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